Thursday, October 16, 2008

storm's passing

i just underwent a ton of trials for the past few months which almost ruined me. i lost faith in a lot of things including love and people. those whom i thought that truly cared and loved me left me in my darkest hour, i practically lost everything and when i thought that things could never get worse, it did and i almost lost my right eye to an infection.

i was in a state of depression and hopelessness and i thought that things will never look up again. i did a lot of soul searching to try and look for some answers and all it took was to renew my faith in GOD. HE was just waiting for me to repent from my sins, surrender my life to HIM and let HIM take control of everything.

i almost stopped believing in miracles, i have actually stopped having faith in GOD when all of these things happened. i couldn't take it anymore and i almost took my own life. i was in a state of desperation when i decided to call the 700 club hotline because i needed help and i needed someone to talk to. this opened the way for me to return home to Jesus and restore my faith in GOD.

i went to church that sunday morning and i poured my heart out to HIM and he hugged me and welcome me back home. since then my life was never the same again. it was the start of something new for me. for the first time in my life, i finally felt the love of GOD. HE began to work HIS miracles in me by giving me peace. HE then took away my pains, healed my eyes and is continually blessing me. thanks to HIS graces i am now slowly standing back on my feet.

GOD is guiding me right now and pointing me to the right direction, i now trust HIM with all my heart and my praises for HIM is beyond measure. HE has provided a way for me to become productive again by giving me a job so that i could start helping out my family and so that i could start paying my bills and debts. i will be eternally greatful to HIM for HE made me believe that miracles do happen, that all is not yet lost. now i believe that everything will be ok because i now have Jesus Christ in my heart and GOD by my side... my life has finally begun.

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