Wednesday, October 15, 2008


"Life is a series of rooms, and who we end up stuck in that room with adds up to what our lives are..." - house m.d. the tv show

I am watching the third season of House M.D. and this episode about a rape victim becoming pregnant and refusing to terminat got to me. The sanctity of life is really a touchy matter to begin with, but what really got to me is what the above mentioned phrase meant.

I pondered on it for a while and this phrase holds true in each and everyone of us. Our lives are really a series of rooms and chapters and what we've done and who we're with really adds up to how are lives are. This is about making a difference and touching other peoples hearts and lives so that we could all be remembered in the end.

One of my greatest fears was to grow old and die alone and miserable. I somehow felt that I havent' done enough to be remembered, that I haven't done enough to make a difference. I know I did my best to make a difference and touch other peoples lives, but is my best really good enough?

I have my share of disagreements and misunderstandings with a lot of people and all the while I thought that they are the ones who don't understand me. Looking back made me realize that how can they understand me when I don't even understand myself?...

I have spent too many a chapter of my life with different sorts of people but each of them have moved on with their lives now and somehow, I don't feel that I have in a way made any difference in their lives for me to be remembered. I somehow feel forgotten and taken for granted for far too many times.

Maybe I was just too busy trying to please everybody that I actually ended up pleasing no one including myself? Or maybe, I was wrong and I did touched their lives and made a difference and I might be remembered after all...

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