Monday, October 13, 2008

eye matters part 2

looking back from all that is happening, i can say that GOD's love is eternal. i have prayed for HIM to touch me with HIS healing hands and by HIS graces i was healed. it's been days now since i last felt the pain in my right eye. i also noticed that the redness and swelling is subsiding and my vision is slowly returning (praise be to GOD!). i can't wait to see the looks on my doctor's faces when they will see me this week. i am living proof that GOD's love is eternal.

i used to question and blame GOD for everything that has been happening in my life. i felt that HE has abandoned me. it took quite some time before i realized that GOD haven't abandoned me but it was the other way around. i totally refused to live according to HIS will and tried to make it on my own. i guess that all things happened for a reason, i am beginning to understand now that all that HE did was love.

GOD wanted me to learn my lessons in life so that i can be a better individual who lives according to HIS will and work according to HIS graces and glory. i was too busy and too pigheaded to notice HIM.

right now i am already starting my walk in life with GOD and the Lord Jesus Christ by my side. i now know that things would never be the same again as a whole new world has opened up to me. i now feel safe as i know that everything will be alright. i now believe in GOD's miracles as HE has performed one in me.

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