Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The news of the mother of a dear friend of mine having cancer made me remember my own experiences with my family's own battle with that dreaded and highly dilapidating disease.

My own father was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a little over ten years ago and I was practically right beside fighting the battles with him since I received the news on that faithful summer day. I actually haven't taken him seriously when he jokingly told me that he was dying as he had cancer because my dad was always the joker.

The cancer has actually taken its toll on him and tried to take away his dignity as a person, but the strong fighter that he was, he never really gave up fighting till the very end. He was actually the source of strength of our family during those trying times.

Not only has it taken its toll on him as a person, it has also taken its toll on us as a family. But somehow, our family has bonded together stronger than ever. Looking back made me realize what we've actually been through. And it made me realize how lucky we are to have such a strong and loving family.

It's almost ten years now since my father passed away and not a day has gone by that he wasn't missed. A lot has happened since that one fateful day. He was loved, he is loved and he is truly missed. My one greatest regret is that he never lived to see his four beautiful grandchild and he will also never get to see my kids when my turn will come to have a family of my own...

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