Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't let your heart be hardened

Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened

Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Psalm 95:7-8, Hebrews 3:13

Don't let your heart be hardened - don't let your love grow cold
May it always stay so childlike - may it never grow too old
Don't let your heart be hardened - may you always know the cure
Keep it broken before Jesus, keep it thankful, meek, and pure

May it always feel compassion - may it beat as one with God's
May it never be contrary - may it never be at odds
May it always be forgiving - may it never know conceit
May it always be encouraged - may it never know defeat

May your heart be always open - never satisfied with right
May your heat be filled with courage and strengthened with all might

Let His love rain down upon you
Breaking up your fallow ground
Let it loosen all the binding
Till only tenderness is found

I tried to think about this song each and every time that life dealt a hardening blow. I tried so hard not to let my heart die but it just kept getting harder. To be honest, I am already starting to loose faith specially in humanity. People can be cruel, judgemental and unforgiving. They can pretend that they care but deep down inside, they never really gave a damn. They can also say that they love you but what is the meaning of the word "love". Do they just say it because they felt that they had to? Was it said out of duty? They claimed that they gave it freely but will eventually betray and hurt you in the end. I guess everybody lies... In the end, there's only one person that I can really trust and that one person is just me...

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